Testudo, for additional guarantee of the quality of the product and of the production processes, performs systematic tests and inspections and has obtained the most important European certifications, guaranteeing utmost quality.

All Testudo models have the CE Marking. All products in fact comply with UNI EN 13659:2004 standards and are in class 6 up until the recommended maximum width.

For greater sizes than those listed, the wind resistance class is NPD, (no performance determined). The use is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Summary of key data
Noise reduction 23 db K Thermal = 3,12 Wm - 2K - 1


Testudo’s history matches its mission: transforming home roller shutters, the traditional PVC roller shutters, into a true key-strength for the home. It was intuition that was worth a patent for the creation of the first extruded aluminium roller shutter with load bearing capacity. Testudo established itself on the market as the product that makes the home safe, both from man and nature.

The company, focused on quality and safety, ensures maximum precision and control, and therefore has tests and inspections performed by external bodies and institutions.

Download the laboratory test reports, wind resistance test reports and the declaration of conformity.

We know that those who choose Testudo are not just asking for a simple roller shutter. They look for a real ally to protect the building they care about, whether or not a home.