The history of the company is the history of the extruded aluminium roller shutter with load bearing capacity.

Different from the traditional PVC roller shutters, these are secure, resistant and robust. Testudo roller shutters are a real key-strength in the home. They started from an intuition and became a one-of-a-kind technology.

Strengthened by an extruded aluminium external shell, TESTUDO roller shutters guarantee outstanding resistance to break-in attempts, as well as to wear from weather conditions, especially hail. Inside, the PVC profile with a double air chamber thermally insulates and reduces noise. The combination of these two materials creates a product with high levels of noise reduction.

Testudo has patented this extruded aluminium roller shutter with PVC on the inside and, notwithstanding its experience and large production capacity, Testudo still produces top-of-the-range roller shutters, with craftsmanship care at each stage.